Our Expertise

The media’s voice is powerful and influential. It’s one thing to place stories and it’s quite another to get coverage in the right media outlet with the right messages.

Fitzgerald Petersen takes the time to develop a strategy that matches YOUR public relations needs, always keeping an eye on the overall marketing goals. We are also sensitive and keenly aware of where you are in the communications process to develop a program that works best for you.

Whether you’re at the beginning of a campaign, launching a new product or service or 20 years into the mix, you can rest assured Fitzgerald Petersen Communications has the background and experience to seamlessly join your team to maximize what’s already in place and develop fresh new campaigns, creative programs and exciting events.

“These guys are pros. They get it. They understand our crazy 21st century workflow and they don’t flood us with endless questions about content and logistics. What’s more, they have a good feel for what makes for fun, interactive, live TV.”
— Jack Maher, 9News/KUSA/NBC Executive Producer