Much like the McDonald’s reputation management work, FPC has provided similar services to Walmart as its Agency of Record for 5 years.

All work we do on behalf of Walmart contributes to ensuring that the media include Walmart’s voice and when the media gets it wrong, we don’t sit idly by hoping that people know it’s ‘untrue,’ we make sure it’s corrected through Letters to the Editor, Op-Eds, responses to letters, sit down meetings with editors, etc. FPC is well versed in ensuring that our contacts in the media give Walmart a ‘fair shake’ at telling their side of the story for every story. FPC also works to promote the great community projects that Walmart makes possible in our region’s cities and towns. In the last few years, FPC has pitched and placed dozens of positive stories about Walmart’s charitable giving program, Veteran hiring program, associate opportunities and contribution to our economy.